Why is Nodejs so popular for the backend?

The technology comparisons spread all over the web, but the important question is why we need to compare all those stuff? And why we need to find differences between programming languages, development environments, frameworks, platforms, tools, and APIs. Nodejs comes up with multiple APIs which suit the backend development like a live stream, HTTP code request, support for file systems and much more. Why do most developers use Nodejs for backend development???

The reason is simple — the initial choice of technology or platform has a major influence on any business solutions. For an entrepreneur, the use of required technology determines the performance and growth ability of their product or services. Nodejs developer team defines the ease of product development and support to other platforms. For developers, the decision to learn a particular technology may be the key point to consider but when coming Nodejs, the learning curve is very less compared to other platforms.

The server side (i.e) the back end of any product or services is an important component to choose with. When choosing the back end development platform — Node.js stands out as the right option as it embraces the vast majority of contemporary business and real cases.

Here’s why one should use Nodejs for their upcoming projects, along with the best Nodejs backend development related features,

Nodejs Modules

Nodejs modules essentially come with a various bundle of modules which helps in the reuse of code and ease in development of custom apps.

  1. Core Modules: Since Nodejs is a very light in weight platform, the core units in that bundles to produce minimum functionalities. These modules usually get loaded when the Node progression starts its implementation while building the codes. All you need is to aware of whether these core modules can be used in your code.

Input/output bound apps are very advantageous the way streams are managed in the backend of Nodejs. Data streaming is the most powerful implementations from the backend but only few developers choose from.

As the majority of data that come into systems are in the form of streams, so a lot of time can be saved during this process. The goal is to utilize the time during another operation and Nodejs just does that.

5. Single-page applications:

Single-page applications are the applications that can easily fit in the single web-page. Once the site loads, the page does not load after that.

Such application helps backend developers to build faster and versatile applications to provide a seamless experience that lowers the loading time of each page so that users can easily navigate through various pages as in desktop apps. Developer uses Nodejs to control logic of the application to make changes as required.

6. Use of Websockets:

Using WebSockets as an alternative to synchronous “pulling” the data from client applications to save server-end resources that improve infrastructure and efficiency, which simplifies the entire process of asynchronous event-oriented communication between the server and client application.

Websockets were created at the same time as Nodejs which consequently becomes a much-needed platform for their implementation. In other programming languages, using WebSockets is much more difficult and usually requires tricks and hacks, such as using Node.js under other technologies that work as cover up for WebSockets.

If you are looking for real-time web apps, then Nodejs will be the best choice for Back-end development as it has all the above features which are very great in delivering great performance. It is built on a single-threaded, non-blocking event loop, Google V8 engine and low-level API. Several technologies including multiple modules, makes Nodejs applications to perform beyond a single CPU core.

Moreover, what matters are choosing the right skilled and proficient developers and how they implement the above-mentioned features in the project. Innovations have several skilled developers who are experienced in Nodejs Development projects.

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