What is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website and How to Build it?

If you search Google for the greatest revenue-generating eCommerce stores, you will get names like Amazon, Airbnb, Walmart, eBay, etc. Though these stores look to have different business models, they are all multi-vendor marketplace.

Considering the fame of multi-vendor marketplaces, many ambitious entrepreneurs now wish to launch similar stores like Amazon.

Due to the high internet penetration all around the world, the eCommerce industry has come out remarkably.

An interesting fact here is that popular multi-seller eCommerce companies Amazon, eBay have nearly captured 60% of the US eCommerce market. Similarly, in other countries the market share of Amazon, eBay, Etsy, third-largest high.

Some Interesting Facts:

  • Taobao is the most popular online marketplace in the world based on gross merchandise.


The multi-vendor marketplace solution allows the vendors to sell their products by setting up an exclusive storefront. The sellers can now manage most of the prime activities of the marketplace right from product addition to the product delivery at their end(Logistics-Inventory). The owner of the marketplace can earn a commission on the sale of every product or by the other revenue generation models.

What is Multi Vendor Marketplace Website and How to Build it?
What is Multi Vendor Marketplace Website and How to Build it?

Types Of Multi-Vendor Business:

There are 2 types of multi-vendor platforms:

B2B Multi-vendor business:

For bringing transparency and staying competitive, several B2B commerce firms are investing in online marketplaces. Walmart and Alibaba are the well-known names in the B2B eCommerce sector.

How To Start A Multi-Vendor Website?

Before getting into the development process, try to answer the following questions right before investing in the multi-vendor marketplace platform:

  • Will your ideas fill up the missing gap in the industry? If yes, then go on.

Analyze the above questions, and you will be good to go. Remember that a good marketplace must provide better services such as good communication, openness, trust, and security.

B2C Multi-Vendor Business:

These days, lots of ambitious entrepreneurs choose to invest in B2C multi selling websites. Amazon, Airbnb, and Flipkart are the best examples.


How Does A Multi-Vendor Marketplace Work?

  • Vendors register on the marketplace, it can be free or paid registration.

How To Onboard Small Businesses?

  • Grow sellers network through collaboration and development.

Revenue Generation Channels On A Multi-Seller Marketplace:

Here are some top revenue generation models of a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace:

  • Google AdSense Ads


Have a look at the features that your B2C or B2B multi-vendor mobile app or ecommerce website should have:

Multi-Vendor Website Features From Buyer’s Viewpoint

  • Mobile optimized

Multi-Vendor Website Features From Vendor’s Viewpoint

  • Product import/export

Multi-Vendor Website Features From Owner’s Viewpoint

  • Multiple revenue generation methods


Benefits For Sellers/Vendors

  • Ready-made traffic.

Benefits For Customers:

  • Wide range of products.

Befits For The Marketplace Owner:

  • Bigger profits over different revenue generation channels.

Essential Features In A Multi-Vendor Marketplace:

  • Product import/export

How To Start?

You can start a multi-vendor marketplace either by making it from scratch or getting the prefab solutions.

Building from scratch is time-consuming and can cost you thousands of bucks. You can now kick-start your online multi-vendor marketplace with business-ready solutions without any prior knowledge. All you have to do is to find out some top marketplace platforms to meet your needs such as Webnexs.

How Can Webnexs Help You?

When it comes to starting a multi-vendor marketplace, Webnexs ranks high. It is a steadfast multi-vendor marketplace platform to launch eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay easily. The platform provides you the following features for your marketplace with technical support.

  • Multiple payment gateways

If you have any questions regarding how to start an online marketplace website or want to hire online marketplace developers, feel free to contact us.

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