Top 8 tips for a safe approach towards Magento 2 migration

Migration to the new Magento 2 platform is inevitable if you own an eCommerce store built on Magento 1. You may be aware that most of the Magento 1 store owners have already migrated to Magento 2.

Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms in providing merchants with extraordinary features and custom functionality. In addition, it offers an easy shopping cart option, seamless content management to ease the business flow.

Safe MAGENTO 2 Migration Tips

There exist some known causes for the delay in deployment, but certain things come first in the list. However, Magento 2 migration may be a tedious process, so here we list some tips for safer Magento migration.

Be transparent about the changes due to the Magento 2 migration process and expected technical errors and development time. To overcome such issues, develop a Customer Maintenance Page for them to address the downtime of the store.

And also keep it as a simple way to contact you when they face any order-related problems. Your online shoppers easily go away, if you do not get them to know what is happening and why it is.

Being aware of the right time for the migration itself is the first step towards success. So choose a high-time for switching your from Magento 1 to Magento 2 platform.

Consulting a Magento 2 migration service provider is far better than waiting for the right moment for migration. To avoid the possible potential losses, migration can be done when the site experiences the lowest traffic.

Magento 2 store migration is a compound task. Are you looking for building a Magento site from scratch or customizing the existing site?. Both require moving the entire data of the store like Product, Order, Customer information.

Such tasks can be only handled by the experienced Magento team. So consider handling them with the expertise in this field.

Magento 2 upgradation requires a new configuration or deployment of a new server. During the migration or post-migration will need more server space for your site.

Based on the requirement, the hosting providers enable you to opt for the right system. Depending upon the need, the solutions may range from shared hosting, virtual private server, and dedicated server. All these servers may seem costly but should be better with the larger stores.

Every migration comes with the risk of data loss. It may seem obvious, so backing up your database is the must.

Although most of the hosting providers will keep a backup of your site’s database, it costs you nothing to have a second copy of yourselves.

As a result of the migration, the site URL structure may tend to change. Verify and fix the old URLs to be compatible with the new structure. One of the effective ways to go around is 301 Redirects.

Failing to fix the URL structure may have an adverse effect on the SEO and search visibility in general.

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This is the very last step in the migration process. Make sure that all the functionalities of the new version work well including all product display, payment methods, and the theme setup work the way they should.

Also, ensure that the orders are getting placed and stored in the right place. Check for the stability and running condition of the site. Do it before you start and then after you finish the process.

As Magento 2 migration is a time-consuming process, it requires a lot of patience and focus. Because the migration might deal with errors, challenges, and follow-ups.

Hence, then at the end, all those hardships will pay you with the new powerful and more efficient platform. It is worth waiting until it gets complete.

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If you face any problem regarding the Magento migration, feel free to contact one of the eCommerce consultants for a hassle-free migration solution.

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