Top 5 Tips To Choose The Right Ecommerce Essentials To Your Website

Ecommerce Essentials: Tips To Pick The Right One For Your Website

Ecommerce Essentials: Tips To Pick The Right One For Your Website


Mobile purchases represent more than 65% of ecommerce transactions. And that number is only going up. So it should be just as easy for users to check out on their phone as on a desktop. And that means you need t to have a fast mobile website.

Easy to access

As a customer, anyone would like to know you value them, so it is vital to offer them the best effort you can in the form of better service possible. So it’s essential that your customers can easily reach out to you for help, similar to how they could ask an employee for use in a brick-and-mortar store.

User reviews(Product)

Product reviews are where people love to show their research skills to pick the best products online. In fact, almost all consumers will hesitate to purchase if they don’t see any customer reviews. For that reason, you must have the option for customers to leave reviews for specific products on your ecommerce store. This can increase your conversion and build social proof.

Better return policy

On average, one out of three products purchased online will be returned back from it being bought. And over 80% of consumers say they won’t come back to a store if they have a poor experience with a product return. It would be best if you kept in mind that many of your customers will compare your website experience to the likes of Amazon and other well-established ecommerce companies. That doesn’t mean that you need to offer free return shipping. But the easier it is for your customers to return products, the more likely they’ll b to come back to your store.

High-quality product images

Ideally, your customer wants to be able to recreate the in-person shopping experience online. Many eCommerce platforms have already started to deploy 360-degree views, that is, 360-spin to view the product in all perspectives using high-quality product images, videos, and an option to view products in a 360-spin. Research shows that products using 360 views have a 30% higher conversion rate than those without. As a bonus, allowing the customer to post their own images of products is a great way to include more photos and build brand trust.

Wrapping up

I hope you feel confident you can boost your ecommerce sales with these tips. To learn more about improving your online presence, we have a bunch o resources on our website.



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