Top 5 Ecommerce business challenges likely to be faced in 2021

Every eCommerce business might have crossed a space where they struggle more than ever before. Similarly, even a brick-and-mortar kinda traditional store faces the same issue during downtime.

In order to overcome such eCommerce business challenges, a business should start adapting new technologies and operate as a modern omnichannel retailer. The word Omnichannel means focusing on customer data, lots of insights and business knowledge, and the way to market the eCommerce business.

If you take loyal customers’ personalization to a point, you could scale your eCommerce business irrespective of any challenges as the customers themselves support your brand, business model, and global reach.

Here I would like to post to you some 5 common eCommerce business challenges, so you can overcome and solve them with ease.

5 Ecommerce business challenges to overcome in 2021

D2C retailers are your biggest competition

Unlike conventional competitors, eCommerce businesses brought new trends to level up the playing field. Likewise, D2C has begun to show its dominance in the Commerce business by manufacturing and delivering its products directly to customers without relying on any external source like how traditional stores and other middlemen.

This becomes a welcome move that allows D2C retailers to sell their niche products at lower costs than other consumer brands. All this to maintain the complete chain control over the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of products.

D2C also has the advantage of experimenting with different business and distribution models right from direct delivery, partnering up with niche companies or manufacturers. This shows they don’t rely on or depend on traditional retail stores for exposure. So if you eCommerce business model is a traditional retail one, then this D2C would be a huge challenge for you to overcome and outperform among your competitor.

Headless eCommerce

With the influence of technology, the rise of API shopping, and IoT eCommerce, retailers need solutions that assist shoppers to shop fast and as often as in finding new benefits of emerging new channels. At least in 2021, eCommerce businesses should consider moving to headless eCommerce architecture and make the most out of the new trend and technology.

In its simplest form, headless commerce is a separation of the front end and back end of an eCommerce application. In simple, headless eCommerce is an eCommerce solution that separates the frontend and backend of an eCommerce platform. This architecture offers brands freedom of expression to build whatever and however, they want. Most importantly, it enables brands to enrich the customer experience.

Social shopping is the new normal

Ecommerce businesses are becoming busy showing interest in selling on social media platforms. They’re on track to use social media to advertise and promote products. But in recent days, social shopping has become a new normal to ease online shoppers to make purchases directly from their desired social sites and mobile apps.

This has made eCommerce retail sales drop and reduced the steps in the purchasing process and improved the customer’s experience tremendously. So many businesses are likely to move to social shopping in 2021 to boost sales with innovative shoppable ads and social posts on as many social media platforms as possible.

Competing against retailers & manufacturers

Many eCommerce businesses buy their products from retailers and manufacturers. Unluckily, these retailers and manufacturers also sell the same products directly to customers. So the same company that sells your products may also be your competitor. So how can this be solved?

Still, many eCommerce businesses are buying their goods directly from wholesalers and bulk manufactures. Unfortunately, these wholesalers and manufacturers are also selling the same products directly to customers via the D2C business model. So the same company that sells your niche products are now your competitor. So how could you solve this eCommerce business challenge?

  • Try to give priority to the manufacturer less likely to sell directly to consumers
  • To be competitive one must give the products at low cost to boost sales
  • Involve an agreement that restricts the manufacturer from selling directly to customers.

Data Security for Ecommerce business

Security issues in the eCommerce business are now increasing day-by-day, this even becomes worse when leading to nightmare scenarios. Data breach is a potential threat to any website, but when it comes to an eCommerce website, fraudsters post spammy contents and attacks the web server first, then infect the eCommerce store slowly like how a virus goes into a human body.

What’s next?

At any instant, they gain the access to confidential data about the company’s website and importantly the customers’ data including phone numbers, card details, etc. To mention, breach of credit and debit card details have becomes a major and common issue these days.

This could directly affect the trust of loyal consumers, So online shoppers are increasingly focusing on protecting their personal identity as well as the security of the transaction details. So to overcome data breach-related eCommerce business challenges, one should look out the below points:

  • Install an SSL certificate
  • Install software like Firewall to protect from SQL injections and cross-site scripting
  • Evident suspicious activities on any websites may affect the potential traffic especially for an online eCommerce store
  • Use more trustable models and extensions that secure shoppers’ checkout and transactions
  • Try to manage servers on your own
  • Back up and restore sites’ data and customer data in case it gets stolen

Final words

Being agile in the eCommerce business approach allows you to overcome potential challenges to deliver improved shopping and user experience to the consumers. To be the best, eCommerce retailers need to adopt the recent technology and cope with changes across all platforms and customize the user experience that inspires clients.

So how would you do it all single-handedly?

Get consulted by the best-in-industry eCommerce experts to overcome your eCommerce business challenges and scale your business like never before.

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