Tips to check before developing a new eCommerce website

Whenever I get time to talk with merchants every day or week or at least once a month, I just tell them they all are wasting their damn money trying to build a new eCommerce or marketplace website.

They think that a shiny new online website is all that stands between them and a huge influx of additional orders, and usually, that’s just not the case. If you want to find out what mistake all of these merchants are making, pull yourself up a cheer. Let’s discuss the recent talks I had with merchants involves them thinking a new eCommerce website is a magic bullet.

That will lead to more sales; they feel like they build it, the orders will come. Unfortunately, that’s not how this works. It’s not how any of this works. Let’s talk about what you need to be focused on when building a new eCommerce business website.

Things to look for before wasting your money in creating an eCommerce website

If you want more sales regardless of the platform that you’re building on, whether it be Magento or Shopify or BigCommerce, whatever, what many merchants fail to realize is that a website is just a tool and like any other tool in your arsenal.

But it is still better to go with the Magento eCommerce platform to build your eCommerce store or an online marketplace platform; I would tell you later on why Magento is a better choice if you want to move to an online business.

Suppose you don’t know how to garden. What good is a hope that there may be deficiencies in your current eCommerce website that are holding you back? If you fix those, you may get more sales; however, if you build a new online eCommerce website that is just a modernized version of the website you already have.

You’re not going to get the results that you seek at that point. It’s just a shinier version of the same tool you already have as someone whose business depends on merchants building new eCommerce business websites. However, I don’t want to see that you waste your money on something that doesn’t provide business value. I would rather see you spend it on something else.

If that’s all you’re going to do, let’s talk about what you need to focus on to make sure a new website is worth what you’re spending on it. You’re obviously a merchant looking to grow their online business, or you wouldn’t be here reading this blog.

Perhaps your current website is poorly done or a little outdated, and you think it’s holding you back. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that new equals better or tools equals strategy. This is the time when you need to reevaluate all the essential aspects of your online business, from customer acquisition to average order values. Then there comes customer retention in eCommerce all the way through shipping logistics. Its order fulfillment all needs to be reevaluated to determine if they are the things that are holding you back; the strategy is what should guide your online business.

So you know what features to add what functionality to rethink because if you don’t know where you’re going, then any road will get you there if your development partner is taking orders from you and not asking questions to understand your business and help you outline that strategy then. Perhaps it’s time to evaluate another partner because if you’re building a new website without modernizing your strategy, you might as well just be burning that money.

If you need help outlining that strategy and taking your eCommerce business to the next level, and if you want to work with a team capable of giving you an edge in eCommerce business growth, consider clicking here and get started today!!!

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