Online Marketplace Business: Best Magento Marketplace Mobile App

Every eCommerce store builds with Magento can now move their online marketplace to mobile apps. If you’ve got installed Webnexs Magento Marketplace on your website, you’ll be able to bring the virtual marketplace on the mobile app with Magento Marketplace Mobile App Builder.

Webnexs have brought this module for you to simply invite the sellers and buyers together in your store. The Magento mobile app supports both Android and iOS apps let the sellers sell their products with ease.

Similarly, customers can buy all the products on the go. The Magento Mobile App Builder for Android and iOS is helpful for both sellers and buyers as neither of them must use a desktop or laptops for the duty.

The Mobile apps developed with Magento App Builder allows the vendor and buyers to interact with the merchandise listings with review and respective policies. Thus, the user-friendly marketplace compatible Magento mobile apps allow you to tap the vast mobile audience and amplify your business reach.

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Following are a number of the beneficial features offered for multi-vendor marketplace sellers:

1. View Seller/Product Listing:

Product lists by any sellers within the marketplace can be viewed from the vendor tab within the navigation bar of Magento mobile apps.

2. View Seller Review:

The Marketplace compatible Magento Mobile App helps you to display the vendor review directly on the mobile apps. The review may be viewed from Product listings moreover as on individual product pages.

3. Write Seller Review:

The users can write Seller reviews from the mobile app. The user reviews play an important role in impacting the sales of your store.


1. Multi-Lingual And RTL Support

The Magento app builder supports most languages in mobile apps together with RTL writing styles.

2. Alluring App Themes

Multiple themes and fonts are the base advantage come with Magento Marketplace Mobile App Builder. Also, the interface of these themes builds with a very layered structure which makes the merchandise search easy and fast for the app users.

3. All forms of Product Support

All forms of products(single, bundled, grouped, configurable, and virtual) are supported on the Magento mobile app builder.

4. Wide Payment Method Support

Wide payment method support offers better sales opportunities with this the Magento Marketplace extension on mobile apps. PayPal and COD are provided by default within the apps. But, if you continue to want the other native payment option in your app we can customize the identical over a good amount of fee.

5. Multiple Shipping Method Support

All varieties of shipping methods on the website are automatically supported within the Magento mobile apps for Android and iOS. This makes the eCommerce business even easier.


1. The Magento Marketplace Mobile App Maker supports all kinds of product types and payment methods on mobile apps. Various shipping methods on the website also are supported on Magento Mobile Apps.

2. The Magento Marketplace mobile app builder extension permits you to design the app as per your requirements. The shop admin can even manage the app engaging from the backend panel.


1. The sellers can easily update their profile over some mouse clicks.

2. The shop admin can view all the transaction and merchandise listing details within the admin panel of the Magento marketplace. The mobile apps allow the admin to look at the merchandise listings together with return and shipping policies.


1. The users find a much better medium to urge along with your store than the desktop or laptop. The straightforward affordability of products offered with Magento Mobile App Builder makes the merchandise purchase easy.

2. Multi-lingual support breaks the language barrier among the buyers and helps you to grow your business worldwide.

Till now, you must have got the idea of how this marketplace extension can enhance the shopping experience and revenue for your store. So, upgrade your Magento marketplace to featured Android and iOS mobile app and keep your store stand out from the peer competition.

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