The Best Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension

What is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace?

The Emergence of Multi-Vendor Marketplace

The first multi-vendor marketplace ever is Amazon. It opened to the general public in 1995 in America as a web bookstore but is now recognized because of the world’s biggest online retailer.

Preference For Multi-vendor Marketplace

Recently, more people are being alluded to online shopping via computers and smartphones. Thus, there’s little question that the interest within the multi-vendor marketplace platform continues to soar amongst tech-giants worldwide. There are various success sprinkles of the marketplace has come true such as:

  • Malaysian government launched its first online single-stop solar array marketplace, buySolar. With this move, they hope to succeed in the 20 percent renewable energy goal by 2025.
  • OpenSys Technologies, buySolar’s developer, has claimed that the energy savings rate is often raised from 54 percent to 87 percent.
  • Udemy online education business drives up the worth of $50 million to $2 billion.
  • Recently the marketplace operator Mercari Inc. said it gets 10 million customers in the near future.

Turn Your Simple Web Store Into an Extensive Multi-Vendor Marketplace

However, launching a multi-vendor marketplace may be a difficult and hectic process. There may be many other concerns there in the marketplace but it won’t even match with the three major headaches are managing suppliers, orders, and payments. The operator must also stay up-to-date on the packaging, shipping, interface, and user experience.

Highlight features of a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension:

  • Seller-Oriented Cpanel
  • Perfect Mobile-Adapting Design
  • Seller Profiles & Media Profiles,
  • Seller Credit Accounts
  • Product — Order — Transaction
  • Feedback & Review
  • Seller Info on Products Page
  • M2 Themes Fully Compatibility
  • Seller Approval: Auto & By-hand
  • SEO Management
  • Report — Notification/Mail
  • Vendor Messaging System
  • Vacation Setting
  • Upload products in bulk
  • Marketplace & Separate Vendor Shop Pages
  • FREE Installation Service & Extension Support
  • Multiple Websites & Multiple Language Support
  • Un-encrypted ASCII text file (100% Customizable)



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