Magento Extensions Vs Magento Modules: What’s The Difference?

Magento extensions:

Magento extensions are the simplest package of modules. The set of modules fed inside the Magento as the packet is meant to extend the Magento 1 or 2 version features and functionality.

Magento module:

Magento modules are clubbed to form or develop a Magento extension, as these module packages are the vital packets to create an extension. The purpose can be for the community or enterprises users.

Magento Extensions and Modules: Technically, How They Differ Each Other?

Developers who are used to using Magento 1.x usually think that one extension/module/plugin is the same. In Magento 1.x there is no definition of plugin, although plugin should mean extension/module. This idea came from popular CMS platforms like; WordPress, Drupal and others.

Magento Extensions and Modules



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