Magento 2 Architecture: In What Way It Is Better Than The Magento 1.9?

Is Magento 2 Architecture Is Better Than Magento 1.9?

  • NodeJS, Knockout Js
  • CSS preprocessor — LESS
  • JavaScript Task Runner — Grunt
  • M2 framework — Composition of Zend Framework
  • Bootstrap composer
  • Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) & SHIM
  • PHP Standard Recommendations (PSR)
  • PHP 5.5 to 7 [Traits, ]
  • Redis — Key-Value Cache Storage Engine
  • Varnish 4.0 HTTP accelerator
  • CSS3 and HTML5
  • Xdebug — Debugger and Profiler Tool for PHP
  • Command Line Tool
  • Reflection, Interception, PHPUnit, and symphony.


Customers always need a speedy website. Magento 2 is easier and faster to manage products. Magento 2 stores are easier to buy from on any screen resolution.

Easy To Learn

Magento 2 architecture has a drag and drops functionality for orders, customers, and products. The Latest of editing and creating products is also easy to import or export products for sale.

Full-Page Caching

Slow-page loading issue affects many Magento 1 user’s visitor retention and conversion rates. To fix this issue, Magento 2 comes with the full-page caching for faster rendering the site’s pages.

Higher Performance And Scalability

Magento 2 architecture performs better than Magento 1 and with high speed. Indexing is the main strategy that transforms merchant store data into performance.

Well Improved Checkout Process

The checkout process is important for any eCommerce website. It determines whether you make sales or not. This is one reason why many users abandon their shopping carts.

  • The checkout process is very slow to load
  • There are only a few payment options,
  • Forced to create an account to view products and
  • There are only a few shipping options.

Mobile Friendly

Some years ago, we do browsing only on the computer. But today, we can browse on various devices such as tablets, laptops, and other gadgets. The truth is 80% of internet users own a smartphone.

Easy To Upgrade

If a customer runs an eCommerce store, he needs a platform that could upgrade as easy as the Magento 2. It is easy to upgrade. It is better if we improve the platform’s security patches whenever necessary.

A Lot Of Key Integrations

Magento 2 allows integrations of useful extensions. It serves you as a medium to carry out important activities in your eCommerce stores. Also improves the features and the functionalities of your web store.

Instant Buy

The instant buy feature helps customers to place orders. Whenever a customer visits a website to make purchases and if they click on the instant buy button. They are likely to deflect to a confirmation page where they can place their order.

Email Marketing Automation

One of the latest features in Magento 2.2 is email marketing automation. It allows us to create campaigns in a few minutes. You can create automated campaigns through SMS, Push, email, and other channels.

Advanced Reporting


Magento 2 has better architecture than Magento 1.9. With improved performance and higher scalability, Magento 2 proves its ability.



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