Is MEAN Stack The Future Of Web App Development?

The Future Of MEAN Stack FOR Web Development

  • M stands for MongoDB,
  • E stands for Express,
  • A for AngularJS and
  • N for NodeJS.

MongoDB — A open-source, cross-platform database framework for JavaScript

  • Uses data model related JSON document
  • A schema-less, independent NoSQL database
  • Highly scalable architecture capable of handling large volumes of data
  • Cost-effective and useful in transferring client and server-side data
  • Assists in storing files, preparing index and load balancing

ExpressJS — The lightweight server-side JavaScript framework

  • Reduces complication in the process of writing secure web and mobile applications
  • Developers can add new features and advancements
  • Minimal framework majorly used for backend development
  • With Nodejs, it facilitates to build software on the server-side
  • Database integration, template engines, basic multiple routing

AngularJS — A web front-end JavaScript framework.

  • A browser-independent MVC JavaScript data binding UI framework
  • Maintained and built by Google
  • Modular in structure, basic development, and testing
  • Ease the rapid development of dynamic and SPAs
  • Easy learning and scalability for full stack front end development

NodeJS — An open-source, cross-platform JavaScript-based runtime framework.

  • Built on Google Chrome’s JS V8 engine
  • Helps to build feature-rich real-time web applications
  • Compiles JavaScript source code to native machine code prior to execution
  • It allows developing scalable and secure server-based applications
  • Possesses an enriched ecosystem of open source libraries and components


Reduced Developmental Cost

Using Nodejs For Back-End

Advantage Of JSON

Suits Well With Cloud

  • Extensive business apps;
  • enterprise apps;
  • Web apps using big data;
  • Multimedia streaming apps; and
  • Real-time applications (social networks, chats, and forums).





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Ecommerce consultant

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