How to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 with few steps?

  • To bring down the risky complexities of the migration process
  • Secure every stage of migration(i.e. throughout the way to deployment)
  • Organizing the process


Assess Your Current Working Environment

  • PHP: 7.0.13+ or any suitable version
  • Database: Best fit database to sync easier
  • +4G of RAM
  • PHP extensions: soap, curl, openssl, intl, libxml etc.
  • How many numbers of storefronts and domains are in your current Magento 1 site?
  • Is your current store big enough with your all products, users, attributes, orders?
  • How large your ecosystem of third-party extensions, theme, core customization, and various integrations like CRM and ERPs?

Choose The Right Migration Tool

  • Though the migration available, you still need to write custom code to merge data into the new platform.
  • We need to modify your custom code to fit in the standard dataset in Magento 2.

Migrate Your Website’s Design

  • Either to create a whole new theme from scratch.
  • Or purchase a Magento theme.

Find Compatible Extensions

  • Don’t make your workflow complicated, keep simple. Because simplicity is the key.
  • Check whether the new themes are compatible with the current site.
  • Search for some new extensions to integrate it with Magento 2, if not the above rule fits.
  • Use only trusted extensions from trusted developers.

Migrate Custom Code

Migrate Your Website’s Data

  • Install the tool using Composer.
  • Generate or enter your existing authentication keys (Magento Marketplace > Sign in > Click on My Access Keys).
  • Start configuring your tool.
  • Use the following command to start data migration;

Final Words




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Ecommerce consultant

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