How To Find The Best Magento Extension Development Company?

3 min readMar 10, 2022

As a leading Magento extension development company, you’ll find expert-level Magento expertise at Webnexs. Our motto is to provide our customers with an online shop model. This way, you can now add and improve features to your eCommerce store, increasing your scalability.

In this competitive market, providing better functionality is essential. At Webnexs, we also offer valuable custom development services tailored to the needs of your ecommerce store. Apart from that, we also offer Magento extensions developed by our experienced developers.

As a well-known Magento extension development company, Webnexs develops high-quality ecommerce stores with high support and maintenance.

Our Magento extension development team is always at the forefront of Magento technology. This allows us to offer a very creative Magento eCommerce website.

Magento extension development company

Magento Web Development Services we offer are:

  • Magento Consulting (free)
  • Magento Code Audit
  • Magento Theme Development
  • Extension Development
  • Magento Upgrade
  • Magento Migration
  • Magento Speed Optimization
  • Magento Patch Installation
  • Magento Payment Integration
  • Magento Shipping Integration
  • Magento One Step Checkout
  • Magento Maintenance

Industries We Serve with our robust Magento 2 extension

We have worked in many industry verticals over the years, helping companies in many areas.

We have served a wide range of industries including real estate, finance, government, travel, retail, healthcare and more

  • Health and wellness
  • Shopping and E-commerce
  • Education and eLearning
  • Sports and recreation
  • Travel and tourism

Magento is an ecommerce and software platform trusted by the world’s leading online business brands. It is a PHP based framework built using open source technology. It offers web-based retailers a flexible shopping cart system, in addition to giving them control over the content, look and feel, and functionality of their eCommerce store.

With Magento 1 going to be obsolete shortly and its advanced version, Magento 2, already available, it has become crucial for various online businesses to switch over to Magento 2. Magento 2 comes with innovative and practical features and holds many advantages over Magento 1, its predecessor version.

Features and benefits offered by Magento 2 help eCommerce businesses to grow and generate maximum ROI. One of Magento 2 is that various extensions can be integrated into it like Payment gateways, customer persuasion, loyalty programs extensions, etc. These extensions provide the utmost convenience and benefit to the users while using the eCommerce website besides providing them with a superior experience. Paypal, Braintree, Gift card, Stock and price countdown, etc., are examples of such extensions.

The presence of extensions on your website will allow you to reach maximum customers and help you give a boost to your sales.

Magento extension development company

Magento 2 extension development requires a team of technologically proficient and experienced Magento developers. Some best Magento development companies have such professionals in their ranks. Our company is also one such Magento Development Company that offers the following services:

  • Magento Development
  • Custom Magento Themes
  • Magento Extension Development
  • Magento Upgrade
  • Magento REST API Integration and Magento Maintenance

Why Webnexs for Magento extension development?

  • EXPERIENCE: Magento-certified developers provide qualitative codes to give you a bug-free website.
  • AFFORDABLE PRICES: We have different pricing packages for all extensions so that you pay only for what you avail!
  • ROUND THE CLOCK SUPPORT: For you, with you 24*7.

Click here and find your best-fit Magento 2 extensions for your online store today.