How coronavirus impact the eCommerce industry?

4 min readApr 14, 2020

COVID-19, A pandemic mammoth has been spreading like wildfire all over the world.

Many regions, cities, states were under lockdown to tackle and overcome the Coronavirus that has affected around 8,50,000+ people and over 50,000+ killed in several countries. Doctors and Health experts have warned that it’s likely to have a big jump in the numbers in the coming days.

It could even affect the Global economy and several small to large enterprises’ growth. Not all the businesses facing downfall due to the Coronavirus outbreak. But sectors like eCommerce expected to get benefited from the Coronavirus. It tends to push more customers to shop online, as everyone is asked to isolate themselves in their homes.

What could you expect from the coronavirus impact?

Coronavirus outbreak has a direct impact on eCommerce and its related sectors. Here we’ve listed some important things that you can expect from the Coronavirus impact:

  • Increase in sales of Healthcare products
  • A tremendous increase in online sales
  • Generate more jobs for delivery staff
  • Slight delay in delivering the online orders

Things you should consider: How to manage the impact on eCommerce business

Pandemic-related challenges and hiccups are inevitable but still, we need to take some suitable measures and prepare ourselves to conquer this worst scenario.


Communicating with your suppliers is the essential thing to carry now. Therefore, contact your suppliers now to get restocked on the items you’d want. Building a good relationship with suppliers will surely help you in the long run. We also recommend you take this conversation personally if possible. Don’t hesitate to start conversations with the supplier side to stand strong in this crisis.


Ensure whether your customers’ concerns are addressed by your support team. You should be ready to answer any questions including shipments, packages, and in-stock details.

Many eCommerce experts said that online retailers who have direct dealership business with China, Italy, and Iran are advised to figure out the current situation and act upon.


China is the country that faced a severe crisis due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We accept that China has proved itself as the chief manufacturer country that produces durable goods at a cheaper cost. But still, many other countries could consider sourcing for your eCommerce business.

So we recommend you to look around for other manufacturers in the country like India. Though the Indian suppliers are a little expensive, there are some advantages that we’re aware of. The delivery routes are shorter than China and reliable if it doesn’t hit the price margins.


Back in days, it is okay to check with the sales run rate at a time interval. But during the crisis time, it is important to manage your sales rate. Looking after the sales rate frequently will help you to don’t run out of the stock. Since due to the increase in demand and social separation, make sure that your store doesn’t run out of the inventory.


Loyal customers are always expected by their eCommerce store owners to communicate on all the issues they’re undergoing. So it has now become a valuable commodity, a new normal thing. If your shop or site is facing any crisis, inform your customers in a good time as soon as possible. You can use all the use of communicating channels such as websites, emails, and social media to deliver your online presence.

At last, be generous and kind to your online shoppers in this crisis time, and gain a chance of purchase again soon after the Coronavirus crisis drains completely.


Order your goods now, as we don’t know the exact day of overcoming. This particularly applies to the owners who have a warehouse on their own. Because it is better to be well-prepared with the sufficient goods that the shoppers ask for. After all, we don’t know when the corona crisis is hitting on the door of your suppliers. It makes sense if only you have a well-stocked warehouse. Be the smart trader and start ordering the goods before it’s too late or out of stock.


This news brought a smile on many eCommerce store owner’s faces. So, now everyone is staying at home, what’s next?? Build your eCommerce site today.

All we want is to get things delivered in our doorsteps, it is possible just with the online store. They are the one who provides free or paid delivery to the customer’s place.

Thus, due to an increase in demand for online platforms, It is the right time to build an eCommerce site or upgrade the existing one to serve more, the world needs it.

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