Headless Commerce: The Talk of the Town in Ecommerce Segment

The Emergence of Headless Commerce Approach

And fast forward today, with the rise of mobile devices, internet-based devices, and even refrigerators being considered revenue streams, the rules of digital commerce have changed.

Headless commerce: The new-age ecommerce technology

How does Headless commerce work?

So the front end of our site or app is on the first level at the top. Different components of the front end are developed independently for other devices. So because of this, as many touchpoints or customer channels as our brands may have, we can have that many front ends connected to one backhand, and the back end of our site or app is on the second level from the bottom. It consists of microservices, and independent coding blocks, and each one works with its database.

Customization properties of Headless commerce solution

So we have customization; you can customize your front end with your brand identity and UX design principles without template or platform limitations. Then you have a sandbox environment where you can run UX experiments and A/B test specific parts of the site without jeopardizing the whole ecosystem. Outer-the-box agility is one of our favorites.

What’s great about Headless CMS?

With Headless CMS, you can create some page content for apps or websites in the back end of a headless CMS, allowing different region-specific channels to pull matching messaging for any given audience and the result, tailored messaging increases successful conversion.


So what is the next step? Maybe its composable commerce, and we can discuss it in another newsletter.



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