Google Core Update 2020: Things to know now

What Categories Were Impacted By This Update?

As with other recent core updates, it appears that the May 2020 Google core algorithm update disproportionately affected YMYL (your money, your life) websites, which can directly impact users’ health, happiness, safety, well-being, or financial security.

Some Examples Of Categories With Significant Changes In Organic Visibility:

  • News
  • Nutrition and recipes
  • Fitness
  • Drugs, alcohol, and rehab
  • Science and medical news
  • Banking and finance
  • Music
  • Natural medicine
  • History and Arts & entertainment

Who Wins And Loses In This Core Update Race?

Keep in mind that this Core update is designed in such a way to provide their users with useful and engaging content. And also it brings significant changes within search results across all countries and languages, but remember there were winners and losers in the SERPs.



As we said before, the Offline Entertainment industry has taken a big drop, sadly with this update. It also takes its related websites into that dip.

Google Core Update 2020: WHAT’S NEXT?

Some may sit back and relax as they don’t fall into any of the above-mentioned sectors. But you can be cool until the update starts affecting your site’s organic traffic.

Google Core Update 2020 Tips:

Focus On Content

Google’s first priority is quality content. If your content is Good then your blog rank grows. Don’t copy content from another blog. Write your own content and make your own images.

Short Paragraph

Many bloggers write long paragraphs. Though it looks good it is not the right to practice. Try to write a small paragraph(1–3 lines).

Relevant Articles

Write only your relevant article. So if your blog is about Software-Technology and you write about Art & entertainment then your article ranking is down. Write only your Niche Relevant Articles.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing is one of the major factors in Google Core Update 2020. If your article is shared on Social Media and you get organic reach on your post then your ranking is growing after Google Core Update 2020.

Quality Backlink

1 Quality Backlink pushes your ranking and grows your traffic. And Also try on Niche Base Backlink.


One of the big updates is Local Result. If you write in your targeted country’s local language than your blog is a rank push. After Google Core Update 2020 Google Promote more blogs on Local Language. (Ex. — If you have a NEWS website and you write News in the Hindi Language then your blog ranking push in Hindi Zone).


There is no doubt this was a big update — I hope you all did well with this update. Also, have a lookout for our blogs for more engaging content.



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