Top 5 user-friendly features of eCommerce marketplace to make use

The rivalry between customers between online marketplaces can be cut-throat now and ever. Even the small changes in the trend and features in the eCommerce multi-vendor store can make significant changes and put you ahead of your peer.

But why every proposed change you make to your eCommerce marketplaces must be followed with the question:

Is the user experience need to be improved? If not, it’s probably not a prime chance to make.

What’s a user-friendly eCommerce marketplace?

Before going all the way, you should understand what means user-friendly features and how important it is to an eCommerce multi-vendor website:

  1. It is easy to navigate.
  2. Understands its users and can provide them with content based on their interests.
  3. It makes it easy to find items.
  4. It is attractive.
  5. Easily recognizable.

Essential features of an eCommerce marketplace website

Essential features of an eCommerce marketplace website
Essential features of an eCommerce marketplace website

Fast loading speeds

Moreover, if the delay of 1 second in page loading could result in a fall in conversion rate by 7%, so ensure that all of your website pages load within 3 seconds; anything more than that will cost you high. There are various tools and plugins to find out the bug that has been slowing down the website and make a note on upgrading to a content delivery network(CDN) to improve your website’s speed.

Responsive website design

There is proof that more than half of the 100 billion monthly search queries are made on search engine platforms. As I said before, if you want to boost your sales, make your eCommerce website even more responsive and accessible to your customers. So while building an online eCommerce marketplace website, think from the user’s perspective and ensure that your online store is a mobile-friendly one.

Simple navigation in eCommerce marketplace

Because proper navigation helps the uses to find what they want from you and for what they’re looking for as quickly as possible. Users can easily be irritated if they find your website difficult to find the items they’re searching for. So it would help if you considered including a better search function that allows them to search efficiently.

Flexible options for payments

Thus, it’s essential to provide your customers with flexible payment options on your eCommerce website. Enterprises-level eCommerce marketplace solution offers multiple payment options so that shoppers can have multiple options in their hands to make payments peacefully.


But there are many possibilities there for them to purchase it later. Providing them with a wish list feature makes it easy for them to return and make purchases and help the owners to improve the audience retention rate.

There are still numerous ways to make your eCommerce marketplace website user-friendly and customer-centric.

Start choosing the right and reputed eCommerce expert and then go from there.

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