Features that every online marketplace platform must have

Many entrepreneurs have spent thousands of dollars in their whole life in building an online marketplace platform that attracts millions of visitors every day.

But building a multi-vendor marketplace doesn’t, the custom in-built features in it matters a lot for vendors and customers.

History has seen many marketplace platforms, they come and go another day. But the right one like Amazon.com will stay forever.

But how?

Because they have had entire features that customer loves to see and interact.

What are the features of the online marketplace platform that customer loves?

There are three kinds of features that make a marketplace platform perform well. Such as:

  • The features for the sellers
  • The features of the buyer
  • The features of the platform itself

Extensive features of sellers

Quick onboarding for sellers

As every entrepreneur is busy, so the platform has to make their lives easier, not much harder.

The lesser the effort it takes others to get started on your marketplace platform, the more likely people will sign up to sell with you.

Better product management

Don’t think that your marketplace is the only place that your sellers sell their products. There might be some other platform they owned and running their own stores and selling products on websites like Amazon and Etsy.

So make it an easy deal!!!

Easy order processing

We all know that building and running an eCommerce business takes a lot of effort from the owner and vendor sides. Ecommerce business is all about order processing, so offer seamless order process methods that do it quickly and effectively.

Extensive features of buyers

Simple product search and display

If buyers can’t find the product they search for, they’ll move to another platform to carry purchase. So make it easy for your buyers to find the product they’re curious about.

Smooth checkout flow for buyers

Smooth checkout needs multiple payment options that people in your region use. Do extensive research on how people buy and search — don’t just stop by offering only the popular payment gateways.

So make sure that your checkout process is straight-forward as possible to the customers and support them with multiple payment options.

Reliable order tracking

A platform can’t be fulfilled if it doesn’t have a reliable order tracking system. It will greatly impact and disappoint customers and drive them anyway.

Prime features of Marketplace platform

Proper payment gateways

If a platform couldn’t able to provide a wide variety of payments then it’s total a waste of time. Make sure the platform you choose supports multiple payments and delivery methods.

Tools to manage every platform operations

On top of things, everything needs to be tracked and analyzed as the marketplace platform owner.

Marketing features to grow

No marketplace can grow by itself, it all needs some external support and push as marketing strategies. You’ll have to promote the products of the marketplace, so make sure your platform has in-built marketing in mind.

Monetization tools for revenue streams

If you can’t monetize the marketplace, you can’t sustain. So carefully choose the multi-vendor marketplace platform that can monetize in many ways with many revenue streams.

The point is: have a marketplace platform that comprises all the essential features that we mentioned above.

Curious? Get build your marketplace platform today and scale your eCommerce business.

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