Best open-source eCommerce solutions in 2020

There are many open-source eCommerce solutions available in the market. Let’s list out some of the best platforms in this blog.

When thinking about developing an eCommerce store, it should be an ideal choice for someone to go through various platforms that are available to build a customized eCommerce store in order to meet the exact business need.

From big corporations to small vendors, many eCommerce store owners have started turning to free open source eCommerce platforms. To compete with today’s business, every business must establish an online presence to sell the products or to provide the services.

Best Open-Source Ecommerce Solutions In 2020

best open source ecommerce solutions

There are various reasons to choose an open-source platform for eCommerce store development:

  • Open source platforms are absolutely free.
  • Decent control over plug-in, hosting, and themes as they are distributed.
  • Great control over design and data management.
  • Packed with feature-rich platforms.

Here are some Open source platforms, which you can go through for better understanding and reference:

  • Magento platform
  • WooCommerce platform
  • Nopcommerce platform
  • ZenCart platform
  • Nodejs platform


Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform which provides extensive shopping solution for the merchants. It avails them a flexible shopping cart system and brings down tedious many-step checkout into simple 2-step checkout. Magento enables the merchants to have total control over the store’s content, design, theme, and functionality.

It also offers better marketing automation tools, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools to ease overall store management.

One can’t simply ignore the plugin and themes of Magento which actually helps to enhance the customer’s shopping experience. The Magento team and their community is very large, so it won’t let you have appropriate online store-related solutions.

At last, speed is the essence of any eCommerce store, Magento proves its speed with full-page caching ability. This particularly helps to speedup the page-loading time of Magento stores.

It gained wide popularity due to its combined flexibility and multi-functionality ability.

  • Extensive payment gateways
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Cost-effective program
  • Easy accessible with multiple devices
  • Additional layouts and plugins
  • Flexible and scalable eCommerce solution
  • 2-step checkout process

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WooCommerce is a best-designed eCommerce plugin for WordPress to build an online store. Now it’s powering most big-size online stores, thus becoming a popular eCommerce solution across all websites empowering over 2 million commerce sites globally.

Specifically, it makes all these things affordable and accessible. It allows you to sell a variety of products, manage inventory, and make secure payments easily.

  • Accurate Geo-location
  • Customized checkout process
  • Redirect cart

Confused with comparing Woocommerce and Magento? If yes, please don’t!

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NopCommerce is a highly scalable open-source ASP.NET Core e-commerce platform. It allows developers to create sophisticated eCommerce websites, layouts, themes, and other add-ons. This platform particularly produces a best-in-class shopping experience.

It comes with some features like user reviews, product comparison tools, all sorts of discount options, and every product display option.

  • High responsive pages
  • Neat inventory management
  • Item comparison tools

ZenCart Platform

ZenCart is a PHP-based online store management system that uses MySQL for databases. It also deploys HTML components for interactive websites. Support is provided for multiple languages and currencies across the world.

It offers various tools for developers to create some custom features to increase the website functionality and for the betterment of user-interface.

  • In-built marketing tools
  • Multi-language support
  • Default taxes and shipping modules


Nodejs, a platform that still tops the list just because it meets all the demanded features to develop an eCommerce market. It is an awesome option for building scalable applications with its cross-platform runtime environment, high-performance open-source JavaScript engine. To produce exceptional performance, Node applies event-driven, non-blocking I/O paradigm, package ecosystem. It supports the entire development process of framing an app, Coming the way its special feature which makes it stand high is NPM (Node Package Manager) which comes with tons of modules.

Most desirable characteristics that fit in eCommerce web and application development are:

  • Lesser Time Is Taken to Load Pages
  • Quicker Response to User Requests
  • Navigation accessibility
  • Effective Search Option
  • Easy product management


These are the best open-source eCommerce solutions in 2020. We advise you to pick the right platform that suits your business requirements.

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Hope this answer helps you in a better way.

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