Since the inception of retail eCommerce sales, which hit $30 trillion last year, no companies or business owners can ever ignore online presence. Most business owners have already changed the way they work and transformed from simple online stores to multi-vendor marketplaces bringing more sales and opportunities.

Those who’ve chosen the path of transformation or want to build an online marketplace are probably seeking experienced service providers to get some help.

Since there are hundreds of marketplace companies all over the world, I decided to research, reach the market, and narrow the development funnel down to the service providers you…

If you search Google for the greatest revenue-generating eCommerce stores, you will get names like Amazon, Airbnb, Walmart, eBay, etc. Though these stores look to have different business models, they are all multi-vendor marketplace.

Considering the fame of multi-vendor marketplaces, many ambitious entrepreneurs now wish to launch similar stores like Amazon.

Due to the high internet penetration all around the world, the eCommerce industry has come out remarkably.

An interesting fact here is that popular multi-seller eCommerce companies Amazon, eBay have nearly captured 60% of the US eCommerce market. …

Top 3 Multi-vendor marketplace software

In the recent past, many eCommerce business seekers are looking to create a successful multi-vendor marketplace of their own. It is because the online marketplace has gained popularity due to the advent of the internet and its reach over every hand in the world

How these marketplaces had such global reach? Nothing because, most of the people around the world, that is about 75% of the population using the internet and surfing the eCommerce sites all day to buy their desires.

What does actually marketplace platform mean?

In simple, an online marketplace is a web application that can be accessed…

The name itself implies the multi-vendor marketplace is an online platform that offers a selling opportunity to multiple third-party vendors to sell their niche products and services. Here each store or shop is run, manage and scale to make revenue out of it.

Let’s have an instance here to have clarity over the topic like, assume multi-vendor marketplace platform as a large mall that is owned by admin that delivers products to buyers’ doorstep. So it is clear that the mall comprises many small shops or sellers. It is their duty to maintain and run their own store, but need…

Time keeps changing, more and more people out there are looking to become their boss to have complete control over their future. How do people go on such a high level of thought with no sure resource? That is nothing, but the influence of the internet makes this more prominent than ever, so they’re sticking to the idea of starting their own business.

There are plenty of reasons to kick-start an eCommerce business with a website or marketplace platform, certainly, these reasons could come in the way to go ahead. What follows? …

The year 2020 and 2021 is the years of a different kind and unlike one, it can be felt especially for those are belongs to the eCommerce industry. Just because the calendar turned into 2021 soon, it doesn’t mean we’re back to normal or anything related to returning to the relaxed mode of life. There is nothing to worry about the situation as it had a great positive impact on some industries. One such industry is, eCommerce. In fact, the eCommerce sector had seen 250% growth this year, this is huge right?

With such potential, brands are now coming up…

Here comes a time, eCommerce blooming like anything; right now, anyone looking to kick-start an eCommerce business can use eCommerce website builders to build an extensive, mobile-ready, and highly flexible store within just a few steps. With this eCommerce software or template, you can sell products ranges from handmade, electronics, automobiles, essentials, accessories, and many more.
While numerous eCommerce website builders are available with drag-and-drop functionality, businesses that look for customization or specific requirements will find ready-made builders to meet the business demands.
But don’t let your curiosity over building an eCommerce website down; still, some better eCommerce platforms can build complex…

Why should you start an eCommerce business website today? Nowadays, everyone who uses the internet buys online through any shopping website they’re convenient with.

Everyone moving in a hurry, so shopping online has become a trend and critical than ever in history. If it is in such a crucial opportunity, then why should one waste time further?

If the idea of creating an online eCommerce store crosses your mind, then without any second thought, go and hit the ocean of opportunity.

But how would you do that? How to create and start an eCommerce business website?

Being a beginner, no…

As COVID-19 pandemic has made the offline businesses disrupt a lot, including all the physical store owners. This pandemic caused many retail owners to turn their niche businesses towards multi-vendor marketplace solutions to take their businesses online. Especially they choose a marketplace platform for doing eCommerce business.

The primary purpose of this blog is to bring you a helpful answer on “Why the multi-vendor marketplace platform is useful in coming years.”

You might have prior knowledge about eCommerce, but it’s mandatory to know about the multi-vendor marketplace business model because online marketplaces are in the peak trend in the eCommerce…

Many entrepreneurs have spent thousands of dollars in their whole life in building an online marketplace platform that attracts millions of visitors every day.

But building a multi-vendor marketplace doesn’t; the custom-built features in it matter a lot for vendors and customers.

History has seen many online marketplace platforms; they come and go another day. But the right one, like, will stay forever.

But how?

Because of its exclusive features that customers love, interact with, and a lot more.

What are online marketplace platform features that customer loves?

Three kinds of features make a marketplace platform perform well. Such as:

  • The features for the sellers
  • The features of…


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