If you search Google for the greatest revenue-generating eCommerce stores, you will get names like Amazon, Airbnb, Walmart, eBay, etc. Though these stores look to have different business models, they are all multi-vendor marketplace.

Considering the fame of multi-vendor marketplaces, many ambitious entrepreneurs now wish to launch similar stores like Amazon.

Due to the high internet penetration all around the world, the eCommerce industry has come out remarkably.

An interesting fact here is that popular multi-seller eCommerce companies Amazon, eBay have nearly captured 60% of the US eCommerce market. …

As COVID-19 pandemic has made the offline businesses disrupt a lot including all the physical store owners. This made a lot of retail owners turn their niche business towards multi-vendor marketplace solutions to take their businesses online. Especially they choose a marketplace platform for doing eCommerce business.

The main purpose of this blog is to bring you a useful answer on “Why the multi-vendor marketplace platform is useful in coming years”

You might have prior knowledge about eCommerce, but it’s mandatory to know about the multi-vendor marketplace business model. Because online marketplaces are in peak trend in the eCommerce industry.

Many entrepreneurs have spent thousands of dollars in their whole life in building an online marketplace platform that attracts millions of visitors every day.

But building a multi-vendor marketplace doesn’t, the custom in-built features in it matters a lot for vendors and customers.

History has seen many marketplace platforms, they come and go another day. But the right one like Amazon.com will stay forever.

But how?

Because they have had entire features that customer loves to see and interact.

What are the features of the online marketplace platform that customer loves?

There are three kinds of features that make a marketplace platform perform well. Such as:

  • The features for the sellers
  • The…

In recent years, a number of eCommerce businesses have moved from eCommerce to mobile commerce or m-commerce. This has become even more important because of the over popularity of the use of smartphones. For any eCommerce marketplace business, it is a priority to be on the platforms like Android and iOS. Because many of the audience are using and working over these two platforms.

Hence, having an eCommerce mobile app is a must now especially for Magento 2 eCommerce store owners.

There are many approaches available to create eCommerce mobile shopping apps. But choosing the right and suitable solution for…

Some famous marketplace brands like Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart are in the making of the billion-dollar business market in the eCommerce realm. So there is no point in doubting the reach and popularity of such eCommerce marketplaces. These brands today have created a huge valuation in millions. This is why I said no doubt wondering about their success of these marketplace brands worldwide.

The idea of the online marketplace was simple, it operates and manages the whole shopping process without any hinder in handing logistics and inventory. Yeah, it really looks simple but not really as you think. …

At any level, the vision of any eCommerce platform is to build and manage the whole process of a B2B business.

Normally, if someone is about trade or business, they either think of import and export businesses or doing conventional retail business.

Those in general trade is about the exchange of goods/services or the value between buyers and sellers. Fundamentally, the exchange of goods and value is the thing that everyone carries before kick-starting a trade — including purchase, marketing, taxation, freight, and logistics. It is like a complete cycle to take over that is commonly associated with the trade…

As the eCommerce industry is moving in fast-pace in recent decades. But now the trend of shopping online by shoppers is gradually shifting towards the multi-vendor marketplace. So now buyers can search, find, and buy the products with no time, which means they don’t want to wait and spend time searching across many websites to find one item they’re looking for.

Multi-vendor marketplace avails shoppers a piece of consolidated information that helps them to make a purchase decision fast. This in turn aids them to save time and effort to buy online.

Such a change in purchase behavior of online…

The rivalry between customers between online marketplaces can be cut-throat now and ever. Even the small changes in the trend and features in the eCommerce multi-vendor store can make big changes and put you ahead of your peer.

But why every proposed change you make to your eCommerce marketplaces must be followed with the question:

Is the user-experience need to be improved? If not, it’s probably not a prime chance to make.

What’s a user-friendly eCommerce marketplace?

There is a hell of a lot of buzz going about user-friendly eCommerce marketplace websites. …

We all know the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to buy online, and business owners also started to move in new, trendy, and innovative ways to do business. Also, many have realized the value of online eCommerce shopping and brand building with famous online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and Alibaba.

Meanwhile, leading eCommerce marketplace development companies are on track to make use of this pandemic as an increase in online shopping, eCommerce business seekers are looking to kick-start their online eCommerce marketplace business.

Ecommerce experts have explained two kinds of the seller here in this blog post:

  • Sellers who have…

Every eCommerce business might have crossed a space where they struggle more than ever before. Similarly, even a brick-and-mortar kinda traditional store faces the same issue during downtime.

In order to overcome such eCommerce business challenges, a business should start adapting new technologies and operate as a modern omnichannel retailer. The word Omnichannel means focusing on customer data, lots of insights and business knowledge, and the way to market the eCommerce business.

If you take loyal customers’ personalization to a point, you could scale your eCommerce business irrespective of any challenges as the customers themselves support your brand, business model…


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